Red Notice: How I Became Putin’s No 1 Enemy: Part 2

Magnitsky’s law called for an asymmetrical asymmetrical response by Putin. He concluded the adoption of Russian children by American couples without children. And in a turnaround that could have been written by Gogol, the Kremlin began to try Magnitsky. That apparently was dead was not a problem. In the summer of 2013, a judge convicted him of tax evasion by announcing a surreal verdict in an empty cage.

All of this is well told in a memoir with many grotesque moments. Even Browder’s personal history is interesting. He is the grandson of Earl Browder, head of the American Communist Party. In the 20th Earl he visited Moscow and fell in love with a Russian lawyer. They got married and had three children. When Earl returned to the United States, he ran for President on the Communist ticket in 1936 and 1940, winning 80,000 votes. As a teenager, the young Browder decided that the only way to rebel against his good family left would become a capitalist. Inevitably he was drawn to Eastern Europe and his time was flawless: he got his first foot in the door with the Boston Consulting Group, two months before the Berlin Wall is reduced.

The first chapters of the red warning read as a mixture of Bildungsroman and a self-help manual carpetbaggers aspirant. Browder was sent to Poland to save a factory bus that is disintegrating. The trip was not a success. The Polish food does not agree with it; He lost a stone; The company’s employees felt betrayed when they reluctantly detected that most of them had to be lost. While there, Browder signed the first privatization of Poland; Faster of all investors, he realized that the demise of the communist bloc has provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become rich foolishly.

There were false beginnings. Browder went to work for Robert Maxwell. Every day a sky jump meant the coming of the great man with the helicopter. Watery death Maxwell left Browder unemployed. Soon he recovered and went outside to recommend a Russian fleet in the northern towing of the Arctic Circle. Browder What I really wanted to do was manage your own investment fund. After some comical negotiations with a clogged London bank and a few billionaires, it has the millions of seeds needed. He called his new Hermitage Capital company and moved to Moscow.

The story of the scandalous program of privatization of Russia under Boris Yeltsin’s family. Faced with a defeat against the 1996 presidential elections, Yeltsin gave the state-run cheap goods to the oligarchs. In return did re-elected. Browder, meanwhile, is piled in the Russian stock market. In 1997 the Hermitage became the best performing fund in the world, and its chief executive hailed as a financial superman. But he could not predict the 1998 crisis in Russia; In his later, avvitavano oligarchs Western investors like Browder diluting his shares of Russian companies. Browder fought and when Putin became president in 2000, he hailed as an ally in the fight against oligarchic malfattura. In fact, the new president was not interested in cleaning Russia. His goal was simple: to redistribute the abundant resources of the KGB were among his friends.

Red Notice offers a shortage and less convincing those years when Browder spoke of Russia in Western forums. Now he admits he was “naive” to take Putin by face value. However, it is impossible not to admire him for his next campaign against the relevant officials who caused the death of his lawyer.

The British government was not much help, we learned. (Browder, based in London, is a British citizen). Two Interior Ministry officials – Artem Kuznetsov and Pavel Karpov – allegedly orchestrated $ 230 million frauds, stealing fees paid from the Hermitage to the Russian state. Browder discovered where he made the money – about Range Rovers, real estate in Moscow and insignificant properties in Dubai. Russian life in the UK, Alexander Perepilichnyy, offered more clues as to how officials had approached the “off” through a tax office in Moscow.

In November 2012 – just as Magnitsky’s Law was passed – Perepilichnyy collapsed and died while running away from his home in Surrey. He was 44 years old. His cause of death is still a mystery.